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Fantasy Golf Challenge Rules
How to Enter:

In order to play TeeClub's Fantasy Golf Challenge, you must be a registered Member with a valid email address in To Join, just click on the icon or click on the green button labeled "Enter the Fantasy Golf Challenge". The web site will prompt you to login to if you are not already logged-in. If you are already logged-in, you will be directed a page to select the golfers for your Team.

How to Play:

Each participant (member) can select 1 team. Multiple teams by the same member (person) are not valid.
A team is a list of 5 different Professional Golfers from the tournament, which are ranked in Order-of-Importance.
Rank and Select your Players in Order-of-Importance. Your team individual's earnings from the tournament will be multiplied by a "Rank Factor" (RF). Team's #1 player's tournament earnings will be multiplied by 2.0, #2 by 1.75, #3 by 1.5, #4 by 1.25, #5 by 1.0.
Team Individual's Earnings, after "Rank Factor" (RF) is calculated, will contribute to your Team Total.

You will have the ability to revise your Team as many times as you desire until entries close.

How to Win:
The Winners of the TeeClub Fantasy Golf Challenge Game will be determined by Team Total Earnings after "Rank Factor" (RF) is calculated.
* if a selected player who makes the cut withdraws or is disqualified, that player receives last place earnings.

In the event of a tie, the contestant who enters their team first wins the tie-breaker.

Winners must have a member registration with a valid email address to collect their prize.

How to Select Your Prize:
A Prize Selection Schedule for winners will be linked on the Final Results page. Instructions on the Prize Selection Schedule page will link you to claim your prize. A courtesy email may be sent to you reminding you of your time.
Prize Selection Schedule
For a list of Prizes to be awarded click here:
Who to Contact:
If you have questions, comments or would like additional information please contact TeeClub via email at


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