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I have been a PGA of America member for forty-two years and prior to that, I was a British PGA member for eight years. I have taught golf all over the world and had my own golf academy in Japan for seven years.
My current status is as an independent contractor teaching at Tierra Rejada Golf Club in Moorpark and The Vintage Club in Indian Wells.

I started to teach at Pelican Hill eight years ago when the teaching center first opened. I was the first instructor hired after Glenn Deck became the Teaching Director. Our first project was to develop golf schools, clinics, corporate programs, etc. I developed the first school and wrote the first instruction manual. I have been the lead instructor at numerous schools conducted at Pelican. Over the years, the schools and teaching programs have become well-known and rate as some of the finest teaching programs anywhere. While I certainly cannot accept all the praise for the programs, I have had substantial input into their success. Glenn Deck is the sponsor of this nomination.

In addition to being involved in Pelican Hill programs, I also teach on an individual basis and give as many 150 private lessons per month.
I also have a pet project that I have conducted for three years where I have worked with six young girls once a week without charge. This is the fun part of teaching - the other is my job. The group consisted of players of varying ethnic backgrounds - Hispanic, African-American, Japanese- American. Two girls are nationally rated and two are playing very well in SCPGA junior events.

This Club is the most exclusive club in the desert and has a membership of 450 from many parts of the world. This is my second year at the Vintage Club and I am the busiest teacher on staff. There are three independent and five staff teachers at the club. Many of America’s corporate giants are my students.

Innovative or unusual programs

At the Vintage Club this year I introduced a six week program with Head Professional, Eugene Bonfilio.
Week 1. Putting and chipping
Week 2. Pitching and bunker
Week 3. Green reading
Week 4. Shot/club selection for shots around the green
Week 5. Playing lesson
Week 6. Uneven lies

At each of these clinics, I developed a brochure for the students to refer to. These brochures will become the foundation of a book consisting of 100 of these brochures on various topics. I plan on publishing this collection during the upcoming summer months.

At Pelican Hill, I introduced an annual program where I charged a flat fee for the year. The students received one lesson per week but could book more, if I was available, on a two-day notice.

This year I am introducing an intensive one-month program. I take four students and give them three 2-hour sessions of instruction per week for a month. It will include all phases of the game. At least half of the time will be spent on the golf course where the game is played.

When I was the Head Professional at clubs, I always gave a free playing lesson to the Ladies Club once a week.

In Fresno, I taught golf on television in the 70’s in addition to my work with NHK in Japan during the 90’s.

I filmed and produced the first golf instructional DVD for sale in Japan.
Toshiba was the sponsor.

At Ridgeline Country Club in the early 90’s, I developed a program where I spent each Friday working with young professionals and young amateurs helping them hone their skills. Dr. David Wright eventually assisted me with this group, teaching the mental side of golf.

Helping other Professionals

For 18 years I was on the faculty of the PGA of America educational programs. I taught many subjects including teaching at business school one and two. I have taught all over America. During the years I spent on the PGA faculty, I coordinated many schools and workshops. I also taught at the National Junior Golf Academy, a PGA of America program, for four years.

I have had an opportunity to teach with many fine PGA teachers as fellow instructors. I have also taught with numerous golf psychologists. This adds to the knowledge that I have been able to pass along to other professionals.

I was education chairman of the Carolinas section of the PGA of America during the 1980’s. I was responsible for having an all-day teaching seminar where we were able to bring the top teachers in the US to approximately 250 professionals during our Spring meeting.

I introduced Dr. David Wright to golf and was his mentor. I was extremely proud of his winning the Teacher of the Year award for 1999.

I have conducted teaching seminars for SCPGA. One recent seminar was on the business of teaching. The program highlighted not only the joy of golf but also how to make a living and provide for our families.

I have helped many young professionals learn the art of teaching and my door has always been open for them.

Articles, Books, Videos etc.

I have written many articles for national magazines including Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, Executive Golfer, Sport Fitness. For four years, I wrote a monthly column for Golf for Women when the magazine first started to publish in the early 90’s.

In Japan, I wrote articles for Golf Digest and Choice magazines. I wrote a series of articles for the Sankei Shimbun newspaper analyzing different swings of touring professionals each week.

During my seven year span in Japan, I had a television show on NHK TV where I taught two young Japanese girls. In addition to the show, a book and video was produced to accompany the show. I am pleased to say the book and the video sold out while the show was an instant success. The show was shown twice on Japanese TV and then sold to Korea TV.

I was also the Chief Instructor to the Sata Ladies Golf College. Part of my duties were to teach the Japanese instructors how to teach. As part of this endeavour, I developed the Derek Hardy Teaching Manual.

NHK TV and Toshiba Corporation hired me to develop the first DVD teaching program called “The Inner Swing”. It had reasonable success in Japan even though the DVD format was in its infancy.

Back in the 70’s, I had a TV show in Fresno called “Valley Golf”.

I have appeared twice on the “Golf Channel”.

I taught at the first Teaching Summit in Dallas in 1988.

I have a workbook that I use with my students. They have to make notes after each lesson. This tells me if they have understood my instructions and it also reminds me about what I have been working on with the student.

Players I have developed

I have three players on the LPGA tour that I started out at a very young age - Shelley Hamlin in Fresno, CA., Beth Daniel and Jane Geddes who are both from Charleston S.C. These three ladies were in their early teens when I started to teach them. I feel that I have been a big influence on them and their golf careers. Beth Daniel is being inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame this year and I had the honor of being a guest at her recent gala celebration in Charleston, S.C. Many of the speakers at the event marveled at the beauty and power of her swing. Beth herself, acknowledged that I was responsible for her skills.

In addition to these current players I have taught Liselotte Neumann, Helen Alfredson, Hollis Stacy, Sally Little, Sandra Palmer, Lori Garbacz, Amy Benz, Susan Sanders, just to name a few.

I have developed many state and club champions. I have worked with numerous talented men who have had the elusive goal of making the PGA Tour their career of choice.

However, I think the biggest asset a professional can have is to make the average golfer a better player so they can receive more enjoyment out of the game. I feel I have done this very well. Beth Daniel and Jane Geddes gave a lot of credibility to my teaching skills but this selection committee knows that a professional can only do so much. The super stars are easy to teach. It is the average player - our bread and butter - that gives me the most satisfaction. The well-known player brings much publicity to their teacher which enhances their reputation. In many instances, that is how we become known.



  • 1991 Top 50 Instructors in the US awarded by Golf Magazine
  • In 1996, list expanded to Top 100 Instructors in the US awarded by Golf Magazine
  • 1988 Teacher of the Year for Southern California Section PGA
  • Winner prestigious PGA Horton Smith Award in both Carolinas PGA Section and Southern California PGA Metro Chapter.
  • Member of elite staff of instructors at first National PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit
  • Regular contributor to numerous US & Japanese golf publications
  • Golf TV shows in both US and Japan (NHK)
  • Developer of such fine LPGA players as Shelley Hamlin, Jane Geddes, Beth Daniel, and many club champions (male, female, juniors)
  • 18 Years on the National Education Committee specializing in business schools I & II, teaching workshops, playing workshops
  • Appearances on Golf Channel’s “Academy Live” program
  • In 1992 joined Pelican Hill as an independent teacher – developed teaching program in conjunction with Glenn Deck
  • International teacher teaching in Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, England, France, and Germany



Private Lessons

  • 60 Minute lesson - $100.00

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