Danny White

4722 Telephone
Ventura, CA


(805) 642-1803

Home Course
Sterling Hills GC
Favorite Course
Old Course - St. Andrews
Best Score
Sterling Hills GC
Favorite Golfer

Tiger Woods




Remember a good Tailgate will never let you down!!





Both sports fans and people that just like good food will enjoy stopping by Tailgate. Upon entering Tailgate you will notice the picture collages on the wall.  One of our favorite customers Brain Critchley is a fabulous photographer and takes these photos at different events at Tailgate.  They are fun and tell a story all on their own.  Look for yourself or your friends.

      Inside Tailgate you never know what you are going to see.   It’s filled with everything from surfboards, autographed jerseys, baseball bats, and hockey pucks and autographed photos, golf ball collection even a kite flying in the bar.   I think I even counted 12 TV’s and 5 video games.

      It’s always nice to relax and unwind in the Tailgate bar area.   It’s always filled with their wonderful regulars that are always good for a kind word or a joke, sure to make you laugh.  We have a lot of the same faces and that is what makes Tailgate so much fun!   So come on in and make yourself at home.   We could always use a few new regulars.

      Tailgate bar has great happy hour Monday thru Friday that includes $1.00 hotdogs in the Bar only.  To be washed down with one of 14 Bears on Tap,. You are sure to find one that suits you.  Tailgate also has quite an impressive full service bar to accommodate just about anyone.

      Start your meal with one of Tailgate fabulous appetizers.  One pound of chicken wings your choice of BBQ or Hot or Hello sauces.   If you’re feeling daring they the “HELLO” sauce on your wings.  When I tried it – it made me sweat and my hair stand up!   Man they are HOT!!  Another treat is the Alligator - Yes Alligator surprisingly enough it’s pretty darn good too.  Have a sampler platter that gives you a nice little variety. 

      For lunch or dinner you can choose from one of their yummy burgers.  The newest addition to the burger menu is an idea of one of their regulars Mucho Morales appropriately called the Mucho Burger” – it’s an angus beef patty topped with Louisiana hotlinks, two slices of pepper jack cheese, grilled onions, 1000 island dressing, lettuce, tomato, pickles on your choice of white or wheat bun or the always fabulous thick parmesan sourdough bread.   Thank you, Mucho for a great burger idea from a great guy.  

      They also have grilled boneless chicken breast sandwiches.  Such as the pineapple teriyaki, chicken cordon bleu, teriyaki mushroom and the yummy BBQ chicken breast sandwich.   Tailgate has one of the best Reuben sandwiches in town; also the club and BLT-Avocado are pretty tasty too!

      If you like BBQ you have to try the Tri-tip sandwiches with grilled onions.  The Boss main smokes the tri-tip everyday for hours and boy is it tasty.  They serve it on soft roll – YUM!  Is anybody getting hungry?   I know I am.

      Included with the burgers and sandwiches they offer a choice of thin crispy fries, coleslaw or sweet potato fries.   If you would rather sub a small dinner salad, all you have to do is ask.

      All in all Tailgates is a great place!  The atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming.  The servers are polite and so attentive.  It’s definitely a nice place to take the family.  Go on a date, or just to stop and hang out with the gang.   Call ahead and pick up some “To-Go” on your way home.   Tailgate is for everyone, kids are always welcome too!





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