Oxnard City Championship - Gross Competition
- River Ridge Golf Club


Gross Competition
Saturday & Sunday June 13th and June 14th
Host: Vineyard Course.

Entry Fee: $160 includes prize fund, green fees, range balls, and trophies. Carts are optional. Fee is $180 after June 7th

Entry: Limited to 90 players. Entries close June 7th. Late entries will be charged an additional $20 fee. Cancellations made less than 48-hours prior to tournament will receive a partial refund of $74.

Eligibility: Amateurs with current recognized indexes 5.0 or less.

Play: Individual medal play on Vineyard.

Pace of play will again be enforced using card system.
Tee times (starting 7:00am) and pairings available June 10th at www.riverridge-golfclub.com under "Golf" - "Events."

Get your entry form here!

Pay your entry fee here.




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