Tierra Rejada Rd.
23 Freeway
Moorpark, CA 93021

(805) 552-0111

Open Everyday 8:00 am
Last Bucket Sold 8:45 pm

Lights Out at 9:30 pm

Tom Barber
Managing Partner
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The Tom Barber Golf Center was designed with you, the golfer, in mind. We created an atmosphere where the patrons could have a much different experience than you typically find at a driving range. If you want to practice shots and learn about your game, you can use our unique measured target areas that bring fun and interest to practice. No longer do you have to guess how far you hit a shot you will now know. Repetition creates perfection.

We have set our targets at distances that you typically face while playing the game. They are at 90, 115, 145, and 215 yards. Depending on where you choose to hit from, will give you a different view every time. Not every stall will allow you to hit at every target. Our unique, new barrier system provides for your safety as well as our neighbors and the freeway. You'll feel safe and private within your own teeing area.

Tom Barber Golf Center Named Top 50 Range

For the 2nd consecutive year, the Golf Range Association of America (GRAA) and Golf Range Magazine have named Tom Barber Golf Center one of the top golf practice centers and learning facilities in America.

TBGC features a 75 station driving range with the Power Tee® loading system. The ball automatically loads to a tee height that the hitter desires. The range features the best available “true grass-like” hitting sufaces, 45 covered stations, and lights for evening practice. Target greens with flag-sticks provide a landing area for precise accuracy and distance control.

TBGC also features a putting green, chipping green, and golf lessons provided by top golf professionals.

The GRAA, based in New Canaan, Conn., was formed in 1991. It publishes the industry's leading driving range trade magazine, Golf Range, six times per year.

Come on out and find your game at the best range in Ventura County

TBGC supports local schools and organizations

Moorpark High School
Lorena High School
California Luteran University



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Professional Instructors

Paul Holtby
Class A PGA

Brian Borowski
Class A PGA

Rex Flory
PGA Apprentice

Daniel Barber
PGA Apprentice

Nancy Bannon
Class A LPGA
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